Why Sunnyside? What makes you stand out compared to another daycare near me?

Everything we do at Sunnyside is based on respecting the child as a whole person and realizing that they deserve the same amount of respect and understanding as anyone else, if not even more. We keep that in mind throughout all our daily interactions with the children. 

Our confidence in children and play, our passion for nature and the outdoors, and our love of child development come together in our child care center to form an amazing educational program that is child-led and loaded with hand-on experiences.  Our warm and wondrous environment is perfect for engaging and enlightening your child’s growing mind and body!

We offer your child the best possible opportunity to develop into a critically thinking,  socially and ecologically conscious individual with a strong base to help them succeed in elementary school and beyond! We pride ourselves on an inclusive environment that welcomes children and their families, regardless of background, gender, sexual orientation, abilities, or more.

Is Sunnyside a Private daycare? 

Yes, Sunnyside is a fully private daycare. While our prices are slightly elevated compared to other centers in the area, we believe it reflects the high standard of care your child will receive at our center. Our daily rates allow us to pay our educators competitive salaries as well as keep staff to child ratios lower than government standards.

RatiosAt SunnysideGovernment standards
InfantsOne educator : four infantsOne educator : five infants
Toddlers (18 months up to 4 years)One educator : six toddlersOne educator : eight toddlers
Pre-k (4+)One educator : eight preschoolersOne educator : 10 preschoolers

Is there any help available to reduce costs of daycare?

There are tax credits available to help offset the cost of private daycare and they have just – as of November 2021, been recalculated at higher rates, retroactively for year!

What is the difference between CPE, Private-Subsidized, and Private daycares?

For the most part, only the price. In a CPE or private-subsidized center, parents pay around $8 per day to the center. In a fully private daycare, parents pay the full daily fee and there are tax credits available to parents to help offset the costs. 

Structure-wise, CPEs are not-for-profit and have a board of directors composed of parents who help make decisions regarding the daycare. Private (subsidized or not) are privately owned. Although they also have a parents committee, an advisory committee which can offer recommendations.

With regards to regulations regarding standards of care, including safety, health, curriculum, all CPEs, private-subsidized, and private centers are held to the same rules as found in the Educational Child Care Act and Regulations. This includes rules like staff qualification requirements, curriculum implementation, and more. It is, in fact, a common myth that CPEs have higher standards to attain than private centers. 

 Just look for the government daycare logo – Service De Garde Reconnu on a blue background – to ensure your daycare is a government-recognized center.


Do you offer part-time?

We offer full-time only.

What do I need to bring for my child? 

Our complete supply list can be found here. 

How will I be updated on my children’s day-to-day activities and everything else I need to know?

We use WhatsApp as our primary means of communication. This is where we share all daycare related documents and information. We have a private group specifically for the admin, educators, and families of Sunnyside. 

We also use WhatsApp to send information regarding your child’s day, including photos.

Health and Safety

What happens if my child is sick?

We refer to the chart by the Ministere de la Famille for our exclusion policies. 

Our detailed health and illness policies can be found here

Do the educators know CPR and First Aid? Have they had a background check?

All educators and other staff are trained in first aid and CPR. They have also all cleared background checks done by the SPVM or other municipality police agencies.

What are some extra safety features of the daycare?

These are just a few of the extra ways we keep the children safe. 


We have one camera facing the entrance, allowing us to have a record of anyone who enters. We are going to soon have two more facing the front parking lot entrance and the back parking lot. 

Entry system

The only way to enter the daycare beyond the front door is with a key, being buzzed in, or by being personally let in. This ensures that nobody unknown enters without being identified.

Concrete barriers

Our outdoor yard is protected by multiple concrete posts to ensure the children’s safety from any vehicle accidents.

What is your menu like?

We have an on-site chef who prepares a variety of healthy and delicious meals that surpass the standards outlined in the Canadian food guide. Our semi-vegetarian menu offers the children the chance to experience a variety of different ingredients, meals, and flavor profiles from a variety of countries and cuisines. Go here for photos and example menus. 

Two meals are included in the price: breakfast (served to children who arrive before 8am) and lunch. 

We offer three snacks: 9am; 3pm; and a 5pm “light-bite” – something small to tide them over until dinner.

Fresh fruit is always available for hungry children in between meals.

Do you speak French? Do the kids learn French?

Yes! Tuesday and Thursday are the designated French days, where educators and other staff ensure they speak French for nearly 100% of the day. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we speak about 50% each, French and English. We ask that parents participate in French days as well, to the best of their abilities.

Do you go outdoors? How often?

Yes. Almost every single day and often multiple times per day, except for in extreme weather conditions. We prioritize outdoor time, so this will often mean spending most of our day outside.

While we supply a full-body rain suit to each child, it is important that you supply your children with the rest of the weather-appropriate clothing they require, to ensure their comfort. Our outdoor clothing policies can be found here.