I started with “My mom is super kind and helpful. The last time I was sad, she gave me a big hug.”

The children then contributed their own memories:

“Mom helped me do my hair in the morning.”

“My mom and dad love me.”

“When Jane* was sad, I gave her the toy she wanted.” Because kids are still egocentric at this age, this little girl inevitably made it about when she helped someone. It was still a great contribution to the discussion because she was able to have her actions validated, hopefully encouraging her to continue being kind in the future! (*Name changed.)

We also talked about Poppies and how they help us remember the help that people gave us. The children were very interested in the poppies as they have seen their parents and other adults wearing them.

Remembrance Day Sticky Flowers


Clear Sticky Paper (Mac-tac)

Red and green tissue paper




Cut out a square of sticky paper and draw a poppy outline on the non-sticky side. Tape the square of paper to the table (stick side up) and peel the backing. Give the children a piece of tissue paper and encourage them to rip it into small pieces to decorate the poppy with. When they are done, cut out the poppy.

That’s it! You can stick it to the window as is, if there is enough of the sticky side showing through the tissue (which is what I did.) You can also put another clear layer over it, to protect the tissue paper, and then punch a hole in it  to hang it or stick it up with tape.

teamwork rememberance day