I stumbled upon this Autumn Tree Art Activity over at Two-Daloo while looking for a something that could be done as a mixed-age group activity.

While the children at the daycare spend a lot of time in their age groupings, I think that it is important to ensure time for mixed-age activities as well. The younger children look up to the older ones and try to imitate the behaviours and language that they use. The older children really get to practice their social, moral, and language abilities when they help the younger kids! All of the kids get to feel accomplished and proud after an activity like this one.

Our youngest child right now is 17 months old and our eldest just turned five; this activity was suitable for all of them to do!

IMG_20141008_100147Autumn Art: Sticky Trees

Materials required:

  • Bristol board or another heavy paper
  • Sticky Paper (also called Mac Tac)
  • Scissors
  • Assorted fake leaves
  • Tape
  • Glitter or sequins (optional)

Roll the paper into a cone and trim the edges until it stands. Using the tape, attach the Mac Tac to the cone, sticky side out. Don’t worry if it isn’t neat, the leaves will cover any imperfections! Set the fake leaves out for the children to decorate the tree with. Depending on the abilities of the children, you can also add some glitter or sequins. When we did it, a couple of the older kids sprinkled it with glitter when everyone else had lost interest. A super simple art activity, suitable for many different ages and abilities.

If the children enjoyed this activity, there are several ways to change this activity, or to expand on it, so that it can be repeated again:

  • Let the kids gather real leaves, sticks, or other items that they find outside to use as decorations. You can press the leaves to have them dry straight first should you want the tree to last longer.
  • This tree can be modified to fit any theme! Basically anything lightweight can be used as decorations; pine needles and gold glitter for Christmas, Easter grass for Easter trees, pictures of animals for an animal party, etc.

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